Midnight Radio

Beautiful music plays from a mysterious radio station every midnight.


A hunter in a post-apocalyptic land hunts for non-mutant animals.


A stranger in a interrogation room terrorises a police station.


A brave knight visits his favourite shopkeeper on a pivotal day.

Cold Embrace

A husband devastated by his wife’s death can’t let go. Neither can his wife.

The Cave

A writer suffering from writer’s block finds a cave filled with mysterious creatures. 

The Secret Room

A couple move into a new place and find a mysterious door.


Two brothers tell ghost stories before bedtime.

The Nintendo

A group of teenagers summon a demon to get New Nintendos.


The teenagers go into a deserted house to look for Joey's missing brother.

The Signal

A mysterious signal bursts out of every screen, affecting everyone watching.

Kurzweil's Time Machine

Jacob Kurzweil had a time machine in the guest bedroom.

Stormy Weather

Something amazing happens whenever Mary Washington sings.

The Tattoo Artist

A starlet is determined to only get inked by a mysterious artist, but at what cost?


This mother’s love does not end with death.



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